Getting to learn cooking from grandma

Let’s face it…cooking is not an easy job. With all the mixing, grinding, heating involved, it involves lot of physical as well as mental stamina. And this is one fact that I got to learn quite late in life. Till my early teens, like any normal teenager I thought cooking was a child’s play. So, when my grandma came visiting home , I decided to cook her some breakfast of simple omelette, toast and tea. This is an incident, when I was 17 years old, and looked down at cooking as a housewife’s job . So, back to the story… I decided to serve my grandma some nice breakfast and alas! the breakfast was anything but nice. It was disgusting to the core….
The toast was all burnt up, the omelette half made, and the tea was hardly drinkable as I had put too much tea leaves in it.
Then grandma gave me lesson of my life. She taught me how to make a nice well fried toast and omelette. She taught me the use of frying pan and how much oil to put and how to saute the eggs. That did teach me something. One of the lesson was,that to value the art of cooking and also the fact, that it at all is not as easy a task as it looks.
Thank god, in those days, I had grandma, but now, fast forwarding to the modern times there are many professional culinary schools in India where one gets to learn the best of old world and new modern times cooking. These schools have the best of faculty who are master in their art and know all the nuances of cooking.
Best culinary schools in India have the best infrastructure and use the latest state of the art technology to educate the students with all aspects of culinary arts. The Academy of Culinary Arts is one such institute which teaches the students by complete hands on training and practical methods.
Culinary course in Bangalore are such that the enrollees can choose from the number of courses available and have their pick.
Wish had such cooking schools during my younger years, still…I need to add, that one lesson in cooking from my granny is a memory that I’ll cherish throughout my life.

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