For the Love of Cake- A cake lovers guide to decadence

There’s nothing more endearing than sharing generous slices of mouthwatering cakes with family or friends. While you bake a cake you are taking advantage of some magical scientific transformation to create something sugary, delicate and delicious, that everyone will love. Who in this world doesn’t like cakes? You? Everyone does, right? What better than knowing the art of baking something you love?Baking cake is an ageless tradition, I’m sure you might have tried baking a cake once in your life. The first skilled bakers that came into existence were probably the Egyptians, during their time’s cakes were basically bread with egg and honey. The earliest English cakes were also essentially bread, the only distinguishing factor in them was the shape- flat and round.

You know that you can make it up to any of your loved ones be it friends, lovers, siblings or sometimes parents to by baking a cake for them.We, Indians anyway have a good sense of taste when it comes to food and especially when it comes to having a sweet tooth. Around me, I’ve always had such people who have a sweet tooth, me being one of them. Cakes can be used for celebrating festivals, birthdays, anniversaries or even if you want to congratulate someone.

Initially, it was just a creamy fluffy mouthwatering delicacy, just used for a birthday party. Now, no festival is complete without a cake. It’s no more just the creamy cakes but fondant cakes, cheesecakes, tea cakes, etc…with a variety of flavors and not just the basic ones. I have butterflies in my stomach just by these names; I’m sure you would have similar feelings too. Nowadays the varieties have increased so much so that we can also get the cakes personalized according to our likings. For instance, if a girl like cosmetics, you can give her personalized fondant cake with all her favorite cosmetics on that. Sometimes, these cakes look so pretty that we just want to look at them and keep adoring them. I’m not just fond of eating cakes, but I love to bake these delicate, sugary round cakes.

Usually, mothers are never very fond of cakes, but their kids love to bake, they don’t usually try it. Being a person who doesn’t only love to eat but bake cakes as well, every kid wants their parents to taste what they bake. But sometimes I really wonder how can someone say No to a creamy, fluffy and yes a finger-licking pineapple or a chocolate cake. Kids anyhow forced their mothers to eat it and await their reactions. Since then, every time anybody has a celebration at home, these mothers who never liked cakes are ready with one in their hands. But yes, baking cakes requires a little hard work and a little patience. Cakes are no more just a part of celebration but one can also bake cakes on normal days.

Me being a cake lover would always suggest everybody who loves to bake cakes to take it up as a profession and treat everyone to this amazing delicacy. In the Indian diaspora, baking courses have become very popular throughout all age groups. India is coming up with baking classes which have the world-class infrastructure to help people become experts in baking. These classes have the best ingredients and a variety of baking trays and molds with different shapes and sizes for baking cakes, cupcakes, and muffins. Undoubtedly, baking has come very far, as a new wave of baking expertise comes to excite our imagination. Rush to the nearest baking class and see a new world unfold around you.

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