Empowerment’s a Piece of Cake: The rise of female bakers in India

There has been a paradigm shift from women being addressed as homemakers to home bakers and entrepreneurs, all thanks to the bakery market.
Bakery is one of the largest markets of the food processing sector in India. The Indian bakery industry offers a plethora of opportunities for growth, innovation, and career prospects. Due to this very reason, over the years, there has been a noteworthy surge in entrepreneurial endeavors in the sector. While home baking was an easy resort to chase one’s dreams, digital disruption coupled with the pandemic-induced social distancing norms have further boosted the sector. Consequently, home bakers especially females have been able to transform their hobby into their profession as well as monetize their ventures. As per Mastercard’s reports, India currently ranks 52nd in the index of women entrepreneurs. It can be aptly said that the bakery segment is the most popular and go-to business idea for females as it gives them creative freedom as well as the convenience of working right from their homes at flexible timings.
Chef Alisha says, “Passé are the days when the bakery was just associated as a hobby. The sector is now emerging to be empowering for women and is giving them opportunities to carve a career path out of it. There has been a paradigm shift from women being addressed as homemakers to home bakers and women entrepreneurs, all thanks to the bakery market. The concept of home baking has given birth to women entrepreneurs not only in the urban areas but in the rural as well as remote areas as well.”
The women community has been participating in the bakery entrepreneurial race with equal zeal and fervor. The female entrepreneurs are dropping their inhibitions to pursue their passion for baking. Breaking the typical societal norms that males are the bread earners and females belong to the kitchen, women entrepreneurs are in fact building a career right from their kitchen’s bakery section! From cupcakes to assorted popsicles, cheesecake to customized fusion delicacies and bakery items, the sheroes are leaving no stone unturned to satiate the country’s sugar cravings with their hand-crafted masterpieces.
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