The origins of cooking: A Brief History

The early man, before he discovered fire, used to savour the food he gathered from the forest. Even the meat used to be salted. However, the discovery of fire was a major invention. As men gathered more control over heat, cooking too evolved. The whole process of cooking became more easier. With the advent of civilisation new technique of cooking started being developed. It was natural that we move from country to country and from region to region, there is difference in cuisine and cooking styles.
In the earlier times people, generally relied on the local spices and grains found. However, with globalisation, new techniques of food making came into vogue.

Fastforwarding to the modern times, there are many culinary arts institutes which teach the students the art of gourmet sciences. There are various culinary colleges in Bangalore, for instance, which teach the students everything related to cooking. Here, these institutes are visited by chefs of national and international repute who are a master in their field, and know everything related to gourmet sciences.

Culinary courses in Patna, is something which shows that culinary courses are being pursued in every nook and corner of the country. These only goes on to show that culinary courses have become quite popular with the masses as well as the classes.

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