Chilli Chicken and a Sunday Lunch

I was looking forward to this Sunday. Guests were visiting and the house was full of fun and frolic. Apart from the general milieu, the thing that interested everyone was the lunch that was being prepared. The food was a combination of vegetarian and non vegetarian platters. And the food that interested us all was – Chilli Chicken!! My mother was cooking it and this perhaps was one of the many reasons why this one dish was eagerly awaited and caught everyone’s interest. My mother, needless to mention, is a great cook and she cooks this amazing chicken.

Earlier, I mean half a century before cooking was mostly a household affair, at least in middle class houses. Mothers passed their cooking skills to their young girls and the tradition continued . No wonder, my mother like most mother could cook well and chilli chicken was one thing she specialised in and cooked well. ( at least for me)
Fastforwarding to the modern era ,nowadays, there are various culinary institutes in India, which uphold the old tradition of cooking along with modern trends of culinary art being followed.

Today, cooking schools have chefs of national and international reputes, which teach the students the latest trends in cooking and culinary arts. The best culinary schools in India, cater to the need of the middle and upper middle income group. These culinary schools use the latest state of the art technology to keep the students upgraded with the latest techniques being followed in business. Here the enrollees learn different aspects of cooking such as control of heat flow, combination of spices, etc.

Academy of Culinary Arts, Bangalore ranks atop the professional culinary schools in Bangalore which has the aforesaid quality of a good culinary school. This school teaches the students with complete hands on training, thereby increasing their dexterity.

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