Beautiful country, Beautiful cuisines

Most people think that culinary arts is a new phenomenon in India, but the fact of the matter is that India always had a rich tradition of cooking. Our gourmets and cuisines are as rich as any other country. And the best part is the variance that one gets in these cuisines. The dishes found in local stations are taught in various culinary schools. Culinary arts courses in Mumbai, for instance teach the students a variety of dishes. The Academy of Culinary Arts is another institute which teaches the students international as well as local dishes. Let’s do a quick swot up on the dishes and cuisines found in our country.

The different states of India are rich in different cuisines such as:-
Andhra Pradesh is famous for Gongura Pachadi, which is a pickle made from sorrel leaves and tastes heaven with steamed rice and onion.
Arunachal pradesh loves its pork dish cooked with sengmora leaves. Tastes nice with Apong(beer)
Assam is known for its fish curry known as Masor Tenga which is a mouth watering fish curry.
Bihar is known for litti chokha . This dish consist of wheat balls stuffed with pithi or sattu and chokha which is grilled aubergines or mashed potatoes. Taste awesome with ghee.
In Chhatisgarh, Dehrori is a festive dessert. It is fried rice dumplings dipped in sugar syrup and nuts are garnished over it.
Goa though famous for its seafood, is known for its exotic pudding dessert.
Khandvi is a delicious snack made from gram flour and yoghurt. It is seasoned with green chillies, sesame, mustard seeds,coconut and coriander.
Haryana is known for bajra khichdi. This dish comprises of coarsely crushed pearl millet and eaten with pure ghee or sesame oil.
Madra is a tasty traditional pahari dish made from a combination of chickpeas,yogurt, coconut, almonds and raisins.
Kalaadi cheese is a local hill cheese which tastes divine is found in Jammu and Kashmir.
Rugda is a variety of mushroom indigenous to the forests of Jharkhand.

Here we get to know about some of the cuisines found in different states of India. There are various culinary courses found in different states of India which cater to the need of the masses and the classes. There are many professional culinary courses in Gorakhpur, for instance, which teach the students alpha and omega of cooking. Culinary colleges in Agra also teach the students everything about gourmet science. It just goes on to show that good culinary schools are finding their hold in India.

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