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I always wanted to learn cooking. My first teacher was my mother. Whenever I saw my mother toil in the kitchen, I knew this is what I wanted to do. Those were the 90s I am talking about. My mother was a out of the world cook. Even dad was a good cook. Infact all my family members are great cooks. And the best part is they can cook not only Indian, but cuisines from different parts of the country as well as the world. For instance, my dad could cook awesome Bangladeshi as well as South Indian cuisines. My mother’s continental food and their taste cannot be explained in words. Then there is one of my cousin who can cook best Sri Lankan dishes. Well…I can go on for the it’s a long list.

However, in the modern times, one doesn’t have to rely on recipe books or family members in order to learn cooking. One can learn cooking from various culinary schools that have become quite a craze in the past few years. The top 10 culinary schools in Thrissur cater to the needs of the people who want to learn the latest technique of cooking according to the latest trends in the market.
The culinary institutes in Palakkad are an example that culinary schools have come in vogue in small towns and cities. These schools or institutes as you would call them are designed in such a way that people can choose from various courses that are available there. These courses are taught by chefs of national and international repute who are a master in the craft of cooking and are familiar with the trick of the trade.
The professional culinary arts schools in Solapur are one of the best and quite at par with some of the best culinary schools operating in the country like the Academy of Culinary Arts Bangalore.

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