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“Reading Recipe books”…ask any wannabe cook or a novice trying his hands in cooking that, ‘ how he/she can become a good cook’ and most probably that would be the answer. Honestly speaking even I followed these books when I had started my journey through the kitchen. I still remember that as a college goer, when I was still a beginner and was learning to prepare breakfast, I dwelt heavily on these recipe books. And must admit that they did help me and do admire them even now.

Nowadays, there are some culinary institutes which offer best culinary courses in India . These courses, one needs to say, are lot better than those self help recipe books, for after all, one gets to learn everything by complete hands on training. This not only allows one to get expert guidance, but learning everything practically definitely increases the dexterity of hands. Also, best culinary colleges in India offer number of courses; that is short term and long term course; to choose from. The students can learn the latest cuisines trending in the market with the help of state of the art technology.

These culinary schools have the best faculty and are visited by chefs of national and international repute. One can choose from number of cuisines and specialise in any one of them or become an expertise in number of cooking styles.

The best professional culinary courses in India offer much to the enrollees as we can see from the aforesaid paragraph. The students learn the alpha and omega of cooking and these courses are ideal both for professional as well as for those people who want learn it as a vocation. The Academy of Culinary Arts is a noteworthy culinary school which offers some comprehensive and extensive courses in cooking.
Just wish had such culinary schools in my college days, and I would have been saved by all the perils in cooking I committed by reading recipe books. Sniff!

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