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Cooking, most people think as an easy process, but this is one discipline or art or whatever you wanna call it, that requires the hand of an expert. Cooking is one art that has got commercialised of late. Cooking , however has always existed ever since the beginning of civilisation. Cooking , in the earlier times was done in fire made out of friction between two stones. The fire created was used to cook food. Cooking is one art that became more evolved with time. Cooking in the earlier times, was more of a household affair and one discipline where the women folk dominated. However, India, always had the custom of male cooks known as the khansamas who could cook some fabulous food. Though illiterate, these great cooks worked in the houses of royal and aristocratic families.

The culinary night classes in Bhopal, are perfect example of culinary schools created to satiate the extra needs of the people. These culinary schools are such that people belonging to all strata of society can apply to them. These culinary classes are specifically structured to enhance the culinary skills of people who are a novice in this business.

The professional culinary colleges in Raipur are a perfect example that cooking as an art has become popular in the small cities as well as big towns. Culinary arts schools is something where one can learn various techniques of cooking according to latest standards. These schools are often visited by masters chefs of international fame who can cook according to the latest standards and trends being followed in the market.

The professional culinary colleges in Jaipur are another example that cooking as an art has become popular in most of the small cities. Here, in these schools cooking is taught using the practical means which acquaints the students with the art of cooking and increases the dexterity of enrollees who are engaged in cooking.

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