Academy of Culinary arts Bangalore blogs_Dhaba : The understated but much sought after Indian eatery

I still remember with fondness, a trip to Nainital. I was in my early teens. As we set out on a summer excursion to this small hill station in Uttarakhand, it was curiosity, and adventure that ruled our mindset. Me and my family were going on this trip after a long hiatus. The summer holidays for us, like most Indian household was supposed to be this period of mindfulness and wonderful respite from our daily routine. So, we started our journey to this lofty hill station ,a journey in pursuit of happiness……

My driver was driving our old Fiat, the defunct, yet very dear car of ours. On our path to the hills, came the broken roads, the passing trees, the shepherd with his flock of goats, and several dhabas. As the sun ascended the sky, hunger set in and hence started our search for dhabas and eateries.I suddenly started observing the dhabas and noticed most of them were these small eateries, neatly arranged with goodies and stuff. We halted over one such dhaba and started our lunch. The menu consisted of mostly north Indian delicacies. The food was presented well and the serving was good. All together the meal was a nice one and left us happy. (a good meal does that to people).
Today, there are several professional culinary colleges in India where one gets to learn such yumilicious, salivating North Indian food as served in Dhabas. The enrollees here can learn the art of cooking street style gourmet here like those in small eateries, here in these academies by complete hands on training.

Now the best culinary schools in India, teach the latest techniques in culinary art and gourmet sciences by complete hands on training. These schools are an excellent place for novices to brush up their cooking art. The greatest USP of these cooking academies is that they are visited by national and international chefs who teach by using state of the art techniques.

The Academy of Culinary Arts is one such institute which offers various professional culinary courses in India, and the students can choose right from national, international and street cuisines. A visit to this Academy and you’ll definitely learn to cook some delicious dhaba and street style cooking also along with international gourmet.

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