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Being a working woman, it is but anyone’s guess that what type of cook I must be. One of my uncles told me that my cuisines resembled a ‘railway catering’ type of cooking. Those were my teens. And now I am a woman in my early 30s. And proud to announce that my cooking has improved…. I mean I’d like to believe so !
When I was in my early 20s, Cooking was one art i avoided. I loved eating, but cooking ?! Nah!! Then I saw my mother cooking in the kitchen like anything and making some out of the world, delicious food and that did inspire me. So, with courage in my heart and spirits in my soul, I set off. I could make some snacks as I have already told, but I decided to do something big and decided to make ‘Pulao’ .

I started by having mother by my side. I asked her how to make a dish as delectable like hers and she guided me through the whole process. I did cook and the pulao was made, and everything was well. Only thing…it was not as delicious as my mother’s pulao. What did it lack , I thought….everything was up to the corner. And I never could find the answer.
Now, that I think about my cooking , I know what my dishes lack, it lacks the love of my mother. The way my maa sprinkles the special care and attention and most of all the love of feeding good food to her guests….I lack that.

Cooking, nowadays, are taught in culinary Academy of India and many other such Academies where everything is taught by complete hands on training in order to increase the dexterity of hands of the enrollees. These course are taught in such a way that the students learn each and every detail of the culinary art. The culinary courses in India are structured in such a way that the students can learn each and every aspect of the art of cooking.

One can choose from long term and short term courses as well, and improve their cooking skills accordingly. The best culinary schools in India cater to the needs of the middle as well as the genteel class of people. The Academy of Culinary Arts is one such school that is designed for all.

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