Academy of Culinary arts Bangalore Blogs _ BIG DREAMS OF A SMALL TOWN BOY

‘Big dreams of a small town boy’…perhaps, these seem mismatched words. But, then I was always a dreamer. My daydreams, however differed from others, for I dreamt of becoming a chef, a culinary chef to be precise! Now, when and how I inculcated the desire of becoming a chef, I had no idea. Perhaps, the fact that I was a foodie, myself, was one reason, or the fact that both my parents were awesome cooks or the fact, that, I could just like my parents could cook good food, or …..perhaps all the aforesaid reasons.

Growing up in small city, I sometimes felt that this dream of mine would never blossom. I did search through the internet for the best culinary schools in Amritsar. I did find some good institutes but, they were not what I was looking out for.

Then a close acquaintance told me about Academy of Culinary Art, Bangalore. This is one culinary academy that uses state of the art technology to teach the enrollees all the aspects related to cooking and culinary arts. Amongst the satellite towns to the national capital, there are various professional culinary schools in Noida as well, but this one I guess was lot better than other professional culinary schools. Not only, cutting edge technology is used to teach the students with complete hands on training, but at the same time, they are also visited, by chefs of National and International repute who teach the students the latest trend being followed in culinary art. The students here learn the knick knack of cooking art.

All these reasons convinced that Academy of Culinary Arts was, indeed the institute I was looking out for which could give wings to my dreams.
Now, my best friend in Gorakhpur, too, harbours the same dream of becoming a chef, and who is searching out for professional culinary courses in Gorakhpur. He recently asked my advice on the matter and my suggestion was obvious-’Academy of Culinary Arts , Bangalore’.

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