Academy of Culinary Arts Bangalore Blogs_MY FIRST COOKING CLASS

I got married at 22. I was straight out of college. I was good in academics, music, painting, and everything else that goes on to make a good housewife. Only thing…. I didn’t know, how to cook. After marriage, my husband was transferred outstation and consequently only after a month we, moved out from our in laws house. So, as would be anyone’s guess, I learnt nothing related to gourmet sciences or the art of cooking. So, my only ray of hope came in the form of my husband. He could cook, but more of a ‘make do’ cook. In his bachelor days, he learnt few things related to cooking. So, this is where my story begins…

He started by arranging the spices. He taught me how to cut the veggies. I helped, but to no avail. Some of the carrots were big and others were too small.Then came the grinding, the mixing, and the heat control. The food was prepared and on the table at last! Whatever, I must admit it was adventurous and a new experience for me.
It was the late 70s I am talking about. Fast forwarding to the modern times, there are various professional culinary schools in Kozhikode, for instance, which cater to the needs of middle class people like us and teach the knick knack of the trade to novices like us.

Culinary colleges in Kotayam, are also just as good as those in Kozhikode. These institutes have the best faculty and have various courses to offer in culinary arts. People can choose from these courses according to their needs. They use the state of the art technology in teaching students everything related to culinary.

There are various professional culinary courses in Jamnagar, Nagpur, Kanpur, and several other small cities like these where one can learn everything related to gourmet sciences.

The Academy of Culinary Arts, Bangalore is one such institute where one can learn epicurean art well and according to latest trends. As for me, I never had such institute during my younger years, but, I definitely would like to put my niece and my close acquaintances in this institute to learn cooking. And I would recommend this Academy to others too.

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