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The debate goes on….vegan or non vegan? Who scores? Whatever, the result, we do understand the fact that there are plenty to choose from in both the categories. Just as Non-Veg diets, there are a variety of vegetarian dishes also. When we talk of vegetarian dishes, there are number of starters, buffet, main course, and desserts to choose from.

In vegetarian starters one can choose from number of soups such as mushroom soups, carrot soups, corn soups etc. chilli paneer, baby corns etc. And when it comes to platter and buffet, there are number of options available. Even desserts and puddings are available in vegetarian platter.
There are best professional culinary course in Chennai which offer a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. These courses are a good option for those who are themselves vegetarian or have vegetarians friends and acquaintances.

There are various culinary arts courses in Mumbai, also which teach the students the alpha and omega of cooking. On coming to the vegetarian aspect, these institutes teach number of veg dishes from different countries. These institutes teach the students everything related to culinary. The students are taught factors such as flow of heat, handling of spices and ingredients, cooking, and another important and last aspect of all known as presentation.

Best professional culinary schools in Delhi, are a perfect example of how culinary courses are gaining ground in the modern times. These courses teach the students the knick knack of cooking and all the aspects of culinary art. The enrollees learn everything right from cooking to presentation of food.
Culinary Art has come a long way and when we talk of vegetarian diet, culinary art has much to offer. Non-Vegetarians are not the only one who have plenty to choose from. Vegan too have much to choose from!