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A dinner date, specifically a candle lit dinner date is something what romantic stories are made of. Now, if the food is good and the company entertaining, then one cannot but exclaim that this is what life is made of ! Talking of dinner, I too went on a dinner date and no, not with a friend, but with my family.

I reminisce that time when it was the early 90s and I had gone to this upmarket restaurant situated in a posh Gurgaon locality along with my Maa and Dad. And the food on menu was mixture of veg and non veg platter. Let me describe the platter. The veg platter consisted of the usual dal, rice, mixed vegetables and curd. While the non veg platter was an exotic combination of prawn fried rice, butter chicken, lentils and salad. The guest attraction, the sweet dish called ‘Mumble tumble’.

Now a dessert which is named so as the one selected by us, sounded foreign and exotic to me. And when the sweet dish arrived, it was well….a dud. For anything that name spells mumble tumble, and costs more than two hundred bucks and ends up looking like a biscuit of 2 inch by 5 inch dimensions…is of course anything but a dud.
One thing, the food was finger licking and I wonder how chefs in that era could make such classy dish. Then, there were not many culinary schools as there is now. The best professional culinary course in Coimbatore, for instance, provide training in cooking and creating dishes which are according to the International standards. These courses are structured in such a way that people learn all aspects of cooking by complete hands on training.

There are many culinary institutes in several small cities such as culinary institutes in Cuttack which has gained much popularity amongst the masses. These institutes have the best faculty and the students can choose from number of courses that are offered in them. Even international chefs visit these institutes and acquaint the people with the latest techniques of cooking.

The top 10 culinary schools in Durg Bhilai nagar are an example that culinary schools have gained grounds in every nook and corner of the country. The schools are such created that they are viable to the gentry as well as the genteel class.
One such institute is the Academy of culinary Arts where one can learn everything related to cooking at cost efficient prices.

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